25 September 2018

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Team spirit at the highest level

The idea of team spirit is a topic which is more and more often being of interest. The idea entails creation of a team which, combining its forces in individual segments, feels responsible for the development of a company. Going out of stiff schemas of structures, people are the largest capital, which can be proven by a team at Metropolitan Investment S.A.

Today, a lot of respect is given to employers who can inspire and engage co-workers with exceptional skill. Among the most important values of the development and investment company, efficiency, development and relations find their place. The relations are a basis guaranteeing achievement of full synergy of teamwork. Through the existing atmosphere of mutual support and specialisation in various industries, Metropolitan Investment creates a well-oiled team managing an environment conducive to personal development and pursuit of business passions.

“A key value for the success of Metropolitan Investment is a team of people involved in the implementation of joint projects. We spare no efforts for each employee, never mind their position, to feel responsible and to be appreciated for the development of the company from the beginning of cooperation” – says Robert Jaś, vice-president at Metropolitan Investment S.A.

Offer for individual investors

Dynamic development of a company gives constant access to new, interesting and frequently niche investment projects. The offer of Metropolitan Investment is a combination of many solutions for a wide group of investors.

“On the one hand we offer corporate bonds, on the other – profitable real property in the form of premises or shares in companies. What is characteristic is the possibility to obtain predictable incomes from investments which have so far been available mostly to funds having large amounts of free cash” – comments Rafał Kroczak, Analysis Director.

Motivations and personal development

What is also very interesting are motivations behind people deciding to cooperate. The company unites ambitious people for whom relations and personal development are one of the main aspects of working in business.

“Before joining Metropolitan Investment, I had an opportunity to get to know Robert Jaś a bit closer – it is him, or his passion for that matter, full commitment and professionalism, that convinced me to join the team and co-create the company. I receive very much support from much more experienced co-workers, a lot of positive energy and smiles from all colleagues in the division and I also try to share my experience with new-comers” – this is how Maksymilian Markuszewski, senior specialist in investments, talks about his beginning in the company.

“This is my best workplace as regards the atmosphere, working culture and opportunity to grow. The team stands out with deep involvement in all aspects of the company’s life, mutual support, but first and foremost ambition and willingness to grow” – sums up Tomasz Wileński, Sales Department Director in Gdańsk.

About Metropolitan Investment S.A.

Currently, Metropolitan Investment S.A. employs over 80 people in four divisions in Poland. Dynamic development of the company and motivations of the employees fit very well into the concept of team spirit, which directly translates into sales results of individual teams, but also into the working atmosphere created by each one of them.

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