12 March 2018

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Safety in the investment portfolio of a businesswoman

How do women build their investment portfolio? What decisions do they make in business? Those are questions to which participants of the discussion at another business breakfast of Metropolitan Investment S.A. The meeting was organised due to the Women’s Day, on 8 March, in the Casa Pablo restaurant in Warsaw.

The invited guests included partners and investors involved in profitable projects of Metropolitan Investment S.A. The following persons talked about the unique role of women in business: Łukasz Włodarczyk, President of the Management Board of Metropolitan Investment S.A., Rafał Kroczak, Analysis Director, as well as prof. Krystyna Dziworska, Head of Department of Investment and Real Property at the Faculty of Management of the University of Gdańsk and a Member of the Supervisory Board of Metropolitan Investment S.A.

During the meeting, the profiles of the best known businesswomen who achieved success in Poland and in the world were presented. The invoked results of market research confirmed that women take safer and more deliberate decisions on investment and projects accumulated in their investment portfolio must be extraordinarily safe.

Safety of investment of Metropolitan Investment S.A.

The discussion included the presentation of development plans of Metropolitan Investment S.A. as well as the latest investment of the company in Metropolitan Outlet Bydgoszcz.

Commercial properties are currently one of the most attractive form of capital allocation, thanks to which one can earn money safer regardless of the situation on financial markets. Long-term tenancy contracts with reliable tenants guarantee stable financial liquidity and allow owners to estimate their revenues.

Cycle of business breakfast

The business breakfast of Metropolitan Investment S.A. is a complementation of relations with its clients and partners. Casual atmosphere of meetings with nice music in the background is conducive to talking and building business relations. The event is accompanied by discussion panels concerning the latest trends on the profitable property market, during which the necessary knowledge is provided by experts from Metropolitan Investment S.A.

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