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Purchase of micro-apartments with a BUY & EARN option is a great investment of capital for both beginners and experienced investors. In order to maximise profits, the Metropolitan Investment team will help you to choose the right apartment and take care of its rental without having to involve the owner.

  • Attractive investment locations
  • A safe business model based on long-term and short-term lease agreements
  • Guaranteed minimum profit of 7% per annum.

Purchase of micro-apartments

The total number of students in Poland exceeds 1.5 million each year, making it one of the leading European countries in this regard. Already in 2015, the foreign student population increased by 24% compared to the previous year, and this phenomenon is expected to grow in figures in the years to come. With this state of affairs, the segment of modern dormitories has become an attractive investment area. The insufficient number of accommodation facilities in the offer of universities and the increasing expectations of students in terms of rental properties force new solutions on the real estate market. The demand is also growing thanks to the influx of students from abroad.

The high popularity of student accommodation in private dormitories is evidenced by the fact that the current occupancy rate stands there at 95%, while in the case of university (state) dormitories it is approx. 80%. The trend to construct this type of facilities is highly developed in Western European countries, especially in the United Kingdom, where according to various calculations, about 20-25% of students dwell in private dormitories.

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