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Prestigious Location

Two main holiday destinations continuously popular among tourists are the seaside and mountains. There are also several regions and cities which attract crowds of holidaymakers throughout the year. One of such places is definitely Zakopane where the season lasts much longer than at the seaside. Investing in a holiday apartment in such a place guarantees full booking of the facility and year-round return on the investment.

Short- and Long-term Lease

The number of tourists visiting the most popular resorts in the country increases every year and the holiday season keeps extending. Additionally, the changing market situation and location of the property attractive for the tourists make the investment in holiday apartments a more and more profitable option. Especially, if they are properly managed, allowing to secure facility occupation for the entire year.

Effective Management

Metropolitan Investment offers private owners the opportunity to purchase individual premises in common buildings and rent them to tourists in the form of overnight lease. Effective Management allows for positioning of the real estate in the season. Additional functionalities, such as the sauna complex, jacuzzi or gym as well as the common parts and effective management – technical maintenance and care for quality, are the advantages of investing with our company.

We provide advising services to individual clients in the process of investment in profitable properties. In business, we focus on cooperation and effective action – values that are with us at all stages of operation, from cooperation with subcontractors to partnership relations with the clients. This helps us build our brand and cover an increasing area with our range.

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