6 November 2018

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Paulina Bauer is the Director of Property Management Office of Metropolitan Investment

Paulina Bauer has nearly 15 years of experience in the field of property management.  She gained the experience working as a Center Manager in such companies as Neinver, AIG/Lincoln, and Atrium Poland. She acquired experience, inter alia, in Galeria Wileńska or Arkadia shopping centres. She was responsible for the management of such commercial facilities such Wola Park, Atrium Reduta and Atrium Targówek. In recent years, she has been responsible for the success of Factory Outlet and Futura Park in Cracow.

Since October 2018, working for Metropolitan Investment, she has been responsible for development of the property management strategy, including commercial facilities managed by the company, support in preparation of new investments as well as supervision by the Property Management Office Team of Metropolitan Investment.

The structure of the Property Management Office of MI was separated in October due to dynamic development of the company’s investment portfolio.


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