6 July 2018

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Metropolitan Business Night in Gdańsk

On 20 June 2018, another meeting of investors and representatives of Metropolitan Investment S.A. took place during which the real property market was discussed. This time, the Metropolitan Business Night was held in the picturesque part of Gdańsk and in the extraordinary surrounding of the 17th century mansion which now houses the five-stars Dwór Oliwski City Hotel & SPA.

During the last meeting, the participants of the Metropolitan Business Night discussed multiple interesting topics. For example, they analysed the real property market tendencies, with breakdown into regions and cities, they investigated the current trends in investments, including investments in dormitories, nursing houses, aparthotels and high standard suites. They considered the effect of the economic situation on the development of the real property market and whether frequent changes of tax regulations discourage investors. A vivid discussion was also held regarding the act on on Polish REITs and effects of ban on trade on Sundays.

The participants of the discussion were as follows: Łukasz Włodarczyk (Metropolitan Investment S.A.), Rafał Kroczak (Metropolitan Investment S.A.), Mateusz Stańczyk (CRIDO LEGAL) and Wioleta Wojtczak (Savills Polska).

Live music and a special BMW show added splendour to the event. The business cocktail was also an opportunity to enter into new relations.

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