30 March 2018

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Metropolitan Business Night in Bydgoszcz

On 22 March 2018, the Mercure Sepia hotel in Bydgoszcz housed an exclusive business and education cocktail of the Metropolitan Business Night cycle. In a closed circle, guests debated on investment  vistas on the commercial property market.

The following participated in the subject-related part of the meeting: Robert Jaś, vice-president of Metropolitan Investment S.A., Adam Gudel, owner of developer’s business Moderator Inwestycje and Grzegorz Hoppe, economist and author of many books on the theory of economic freedom as well as the president of Remondis Sp. z o.o.

During the talk, experts debated on which of the commercial property segments provides the highest capital safety and whether the real property market is still an absorptive and promising market? The speakers emphasised that the greatest value of commercial properties is, undoubtedly, their predictability. Rents from tenancy of commercial, official or residential areas allow to estimate the incomes of building owners and, in turn, the situation of that market segment.

Local investment vistas

A considerable part of the programme was devoted to the vistas of the local market in Bydgoszcz. Favourable localisation, tourist’s facilities and a rich calendar of business-related and social events held on a national and international scale make Bydgoszcz a place frequently visited by guests from Poland, Europe and the world. A young and well-educated society and a relatively low unemployment rate are serious arguments for incessant development and shaping of an influential entrepreneurship centre in this city.

In the context of discussion, development plans were presented concerning Metropolitan Outlet Bydgoszcz – the latest investment of Metropolitan Investment S.A. Outlet centres are currently becoming the perfect investment product. It is a safe and attractive alternative to the existing forms of capital allocation, regardless of the situation on financial markets.

About Metropolitan Business Night

Metropolitan Business Night is a cycle of remarkable meetings in most prestigious places in Poland, held as closed, exclusive business nights. The meetings are accompanied by short knowledge panels devoted to the trends on the investment market, entrepreneurship, vistas for business development and the economic law.

The following were partners of the event in Bydgoszcz: Pernoid Ricard, Diamentowa Ochrona Lakieru, Gorilla, as well as the Mercure Sepia Bydgoszcz hotel.

Another Metropolitan Business Night meeting will be held in Poznań.

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