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Investment stages:

Stage I Purchase of the plot
Stage II Building permit granted
Stage III Commencement of construction works
Stage IV Completion of construction works and occupancy permit granted

The Gdański Harward (Gdańsk Harvard) investment involves modernisation of an old dormitory into modern micro-apartments with their own bathrooms and kitchenettes. This modern dormitory will house 60 units with an area ranging between 129 ft² – 248 ft².

Location and surroundings

In the direct vicinity of the investment, there are two higher education facilities – Gdańsk University of Technology and Gdańsk Medical University – with more than 30 000 students. This location provides unrestricted access to all the city’s attractions and convenient transport services to restaurants, clubs or the beach.

  • 1 930 yd To Gdańsk University of Technology
  • 2 1 mi 209 yd to Gdańsk Medical University
  • 3 2 mi 854 yd to the centre of Gdańsk
  • 4 3 mi 626 yd to the Main Railway Station
  • 5 3 mi 1282 yd to the beach