16 October 2017

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Digital metamorphosis – digitalisation of companies in today’s world

On Tuesday, 10 October 2017, the Dom VOLVO car showroom in Warsaw hosted another meeting from the cycle of Metropolitan Business Night. What was discussed this time were tools made with new technology as a result of digital transformation. The main organiser of the event was Metropolitan Investment S.A.

The main challenge for companies in the time of digital metamorphosis is to combine all tools and make each one of them fulfil a business strategy. A new look at brand-consumer communication in terms of omnichannel is an integral part of marketing activities. The solutions available on the market allow to support context marketing, responding to changing consumers’ needs at the same time.

In a closed circle, the invited guests talked about trends on a dynamically developing market of new media. A considerable part of the agenda was devoted to the issues of real property, which is more and more frequently using virtual reality, among other things. Using tools made with modern solutions is one of the more sophisticated methods for presentation of real property. Thanks to this, the investor can get to know technical solutions of the facility as well as the finishing without the necessity to visit the facility.

It is worth reaching others not only with technology, but also with content. Today, content above all means multimedia, that is quality photos, texts and video content – says Maciej Dobrodziej, cofounder and president of interactive agency Gorilla.

Forming new trends or introducing changes in the area of business digitalisation is what describes the modern entrepreneurship. To effectively transform a business in times of digitalisation, it is necessary to head towards the aims found in the business’s strategy.

Development of digital technologies has a huge impact on B2C communication. As the Management Board of Metropolitan Investment, we pay a lot of attention to investing in modern solutions. Most tools introduced by us are a significant aspect that helps us create intense relation with the investor. During Metropolitan Business Night, interaction happens in real time. Those relations are created, built and reinforced – commented Robert Jaś, vice-president of Metropolitan Investment S.A.

Event partners

The first part of the discussion panel featured a presentation of a new car model using modern solutions. Event participant looked at the premiere of the latest model VOLVO XC40 on a large-format 110-inch SAMSUNG screen connected with smartphone of the PR Manager of DOM VOLVO via an application. The speakers talking about the digital metamorphosis and modern media were Marcin Szawłowski – president of Nomacom Group, integrator of IT solutions operating on the European market for 8 years, Maciej Dobrodziej – cofounder and president of digitalisation agency Gorilla, which has been specialising in designing and implementing interactive tools, solutions and services for 7 years, and Stanisław Dojs – PR Manager of Dom VOLVO in Warsaw. Talks were hosted by Andrzej Jacaszek – publisher of Harvard Business Review Polska and a lecturer at ICAN Institute, specialising in issues of strategic management, sales, marketing, economy of enterprise and expansion abroad.

Investment vistas for individual clients and the future of the real property market in times of digitalisation were the topic of the second educational part. The panel was attended by members of the Management Board of Metropolitan Investment S.A. – Łukasz Włodarczyk and Robert Jaś, Andrzej Ząbek – Director of the Private Banking Department Manager at BGŻ BNP Paribas SA and the Broker’s Office Manager at BNP Paribas Polska – as well as Grzegorz Chmielak – Real Property Appraisal Department Manager at Knight Frank in Poland.

After the subject-related part of the event, the guests took part in the “food&drink” cocktail, accompanied by remarkable live music. The event was held under the media auspices of ICAN institute – publisher of Harvard Business Review – and the event partners were as follows: DOM VOLVO, SAMSUNG, Polycom, Nomacom, Gorilla, Diamentowa Ochrona Lakieru, Wyborowa Pernod Ricard  – distributor of Scotch whisky Chivas.

About Metropolitan Business Night

Metropolitan Business Night is a cycle of remarkable meetings in most prestigious places in Poland, held as closed, exclusive business nights. The meetings are accompanied by short knowledge panels devoted to the trends on the investment market, entrepreneurship, vistas for business development and the economic law. The organiser of events, held in Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poznań and Kraków, is Metropolitan Investment S.A.

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