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We operate based on proven business models and successfully implement profitable commercial and residential property projects. We are dedicated to superior service and timely project delivery. We engage our investors in open communication and foster an atmosphere of team work with our partners.


We are results driven. We advise and guide our clients in the process of investing in profitable properties. We focus on developing successful relationships with our clients and growth and cooperation with our business partners. These are the pillars that guide us every day. They help us make the business decisions for ourselves, our clients and our partners. Our firm continues to grow as we continue to expand into areas outside of Europe and as we diversify our areas of investment.



Metropolitan Investment is a Polish company with international reach. We have the discipline and capability to research the opportunities and pitfalls of investing abroad. Our purpose is to fulfill the needs and expectations of our investors. We adjust our services on a project by project basis and work tirelessly to make each project financially attractive to our investors.

  • Gdański Harward
    Private dormitories
  • Biedronka Dereniowa in Warsaw
    Commercial space
  • Galeria Metro Chrzanów
    Commercial space
  • Biedronka at Szwedzka Street in Warsaw
    Commercial space